Sunday, February 13, 2011

The BAM aftermath of TRI-PAIN

Pretty sure you would have noticed, that the two rails of the Hotness Ladder forms "TRI-PAIN".  Well, since "tri" is generally understood to be a numerical prefix meaning three and "pain" means damage(s)....yes, you guessed it, there are three main aspects of pain getting a girlfriend can, and undoubtedly, will bring.  This shall be known as the BAM aftermath, forming my final part of my Valentine's Day special to my readers.

BAM stands for Brain, Agenda and Money. 

Getting a girlfriend, will no doubt stretch your brain like never before.  As stated previously, the female species is a very confused, and thus, confusing species.  This can range from a wide activities from common daily occurrences to "important dates".  Whatever it is, the challenges to be surmounted are plenty.  There are other hazards as well.  Having a female companion can and will likely alter your thinking in a way that is adverse to your AvFB.  Assuming you aspire towards greatness, that would be something you would try to avoid.  

I firmly believe that any man must always have an agenda.  A purpose.  Having a girlfriend (unless that is your agenda, in which case, your AvFB is way off), will always derail you from your agenda.  Everyone has limited resources.  The opportunity cost of having a girlfriend, is that you inevitably have to devote some of your limited resources to her.  This will cost you of your agenda, be it in depth or breadth.     

The final hazard would be money.  Let's not kid ourselves.  The singular most undermining thing of the modern society is money.   Today's world would be non-functional without money.  The very basis of governance of daily life is now all about money.  And women, are the most effective reducing agents to a man's wallet. 

Now that I have explained the main menaces of getting into a relationship, it is important to note that I do not disapprove of engaging in one.  The issue is finding one who is worth it.  At this point, it is important to raise the issue that there is no love at first sight, only lust at first sight.  Valentine's Day is approaching, and in case you're a faggot and think that "love is in the air"....think again.

When you love someone, you would be open to making sacrifices (but not everything; sphere of life theorem; again, found in AvFB).  I don't think you would be doing that for a girl you just saw.  Many would point out the "hero saving damsel in distress" story; I concur otherwise.  Whether or not you choose to aid a "damsel in distress", depends on the amount of chivalry one has.  It is irrelevant to the amount of feelings you have towards the "damsel".  Chivalry however, can be affected by carnal factors.  A right categorization of the "damsel" will induce higher levels of gallantry.  There is an inherent difference between "making sacrifices" and chivalry.  The former will involve consideration while the latter is more of a reflex action.

Well, my dear readers, I hope that one day you would find someone worthwhile to suffer the BAM aftermath.  When you do, bear in mind The Laws of 22.  In the mean time, allow me to share two facts about Valentine's Day:
1.  Saint Valentine was a 3rd century Roman priest, who was stoned.  Not sure if it was fortunate or otherwise, but he survived the stoning and had to be beheaded eventually.
2.  The iconic heart shape isn't based on an actual human heart, but rather, based on what a woman's butt looks like when she bends over.

Have a great Valentine's Day ahead.

Shoot, score, smile.

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