Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Would I date a taller girl.

This is not something I am proud of, but there was a time when I was not so tall.  As God has it, my growth spurt hit me much later than the average male.  At that age, I felt that there was nothing wrong with dating a taller girl; but if truth were to be told, it was because I won't have much alternatives otherwise.

While I am not considered tall, I am at least of average male height, which safely places me at a vertically more favourable standing against the majority of the female population.  Last year, an observation (that was extremely ego-pleasuring) triggered me to re-consider this preposition.

The fundamental structure of a couple, dictates that one would be the dominant (as a result, giving rise to the role of a butch).  Traditionally, the male is the ascendant.  Henceforth lies the social stigma of a male having to be taller than the female (tallness and alpha-ness have a direct relation, read the next paragraph).

But would you really look like a faggot dating a girl taller than you?  Undeniably, yes, you would look like a colossal asshat.  Why do you think Robin is shorter than Batman?  Why is Superman portrayed to be so tall?  When Venom entered to become Spiderman's fiercest enemy, guess who's the taller "spider"?  You see, when we put two people side by side, the very first comparison that strikes the human mind would be the height.  The taller person would always appear to be the one assertive (even if not the case); and if you are not the one being assertive, then you have got to be the beta personnel, languishing you to the faggotry end.

However (there is always a however in any circumstances), is this really true?  Short men are able to command respect and end up flaunting a great deal of alpha-ness.  There are ample examples from history.  Napoleon Bonaparte, one of the finest military commanders the world has seen, was short.  Adolf Hitler had to stand on a raised platform to give his speeches, but he nearly seized the entire Europe as his own.  Benito Mussolini (the Italian leader during WWII) was one inch shorter than Hitler.  Evidently, just because you look short doesn't mean you are not capable.  

Now let's look at this problem from another angle; there's right, the female perspective.  As much as men expects to be taller than their significant other, women would expect the same.  So if you could make her conclude otherwise, then it can be considered a victory and a demonstration of mastery.  Seriously, when you see a guy with a taller chick (we make the basic assumption that the chick is hot), one would always wonder how did the guy pulled it off and snagged that chick.

As established, if you date a taller girl, you gain additional points when we discuss expressing alpha-ness from within but gets knocked off a few rungs on the image outlook.  This leaves this issue a very delicate one.  However, it must also be noted that radiating greatness from the depths can create an external form of majest.  After all, Spiderman, despite a smaller stature, defeated Venom.

So yes, I would.  It is interesting to note that I continue to await the day when I get enchanted by a girl taller than me (this suffices to say that as mentioned in an earlier article, all of the four Category 4 girls are shorter or of negligible height disparity).

Shoot, score, smile.

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