Monday, February 7, 2011

Dealing with obsessions

One of the reasons why I was underweight throughout (with exception to my university years) my schooling perpetuation is that I was crazily addicted to computer gaming.  It is not something I am proud of, but I used to spend hours after hours playing computer games.  I could spend an entire weekend doing nothing but plough away in front of my computer for pixelated images.  

I was obsessed.  

Obsessions are very dangerous.  

Firstly, they distort your sphere of life (as mentioned in AvFB) to the point where you will dedicate excessive attention and resources to that obsession.  This will cause you to neglect your other prospects.  This poses two issues.  To begin, you become one-dimensional.  Secondly, I'm sure everyone has heard of "do not put all your eggs in one basket".  If one day your this facet of life comes crashing down (has happened to me before), you would end up feeling lost.  An FBI agent always has a spare gun and ammunition; apply the same logic.

Obsessions can become totally pointless.  Obsessions often leave us very short-sighted and unable to make sound long-run decisions.  When we become obsessed, in the excitement to pursue the lofty goal, we could possibly forget the real intent of doing so.  

I'm happy to announce that starting from today, I shall quit an obsession that I have, for the past year, been ensnared into.  To be honest, there is nothing much to be learned from today's entry.  However, I hope this will serve as a reminder to check oneself for obsessions and rescue thyself from the pits of hell before it is otherwise too late.

Shoot, score, smile.

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