Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Understanding The Hotness Ladder, Part I-Testosterone Rationalizing Index (TRI)

For sound comparisons to exist, there must be a standard unit of judgment.  Since the beginning of time, there has been very effective ways of classifying many objects and articles, but the female specimen remains one of the hardest to be put into categories in a fair and agreeable manner.

There are many different adjectives that can be used to describe a lady-cute, pretty, sexy, sweet.  This bring rise to many problems, including as to which adjective should hold more water in the subject.  For instance, some believe that cuteness will last forever; yet some also believe there will be a point (or day) when you eventually get sick of the "cuteness".

Fret no more, the Testosterone Rationalizing Index (also known as TRI), shall serve as a lighthouse to the misguided.  It is a scientific method of assigning the female species into specific groups.  It will serve to diminish variations in definitions and reduce confusion and misleads.

The above picture is the Testosterone Rationalizing Index.  Allow me to explain.  With this index, we shall divide girls into 4 different categories.  The first category would be "CMI girls".  This group of girls would be those whom you absolutely have no sexual interest with.  You could spend a night alone in a room with them without the slightest sign of any lust.  Category 2 girls would be girls whom are average-looking.  They are girls whom you would bang, but then again, they're a dime and a dozen.  Category 3 girls are girls who are B'N'B-bang and brag.  These girls are considered pretty under my definition.  They are heads-motioners.  They caused heads to turn and heads (you know which one) to rise.  They are capable of raising your horniness level easily.  Category 4 girls are a class of their own.  They can, and should be referred to HBB-Heavenly Blessed Beauties.  They are evidence of a divine being's existence.  They are probably the ones who can give you the oneitsis feeling.  You would drag your balls over shards of broken glass just to see her smile...and so I digressed.

Notice that the lines are of different thickness.  The thicker line separating categories 3 and 4 is representative that it is extremely difficult for a girl in category 3 to be "promoted" into category 4.  Conversely, this also mean it is not easy for a category 4 girl to slip back into being a category 3.  Inflows and outflows are very limited, in fact, a rarity.  The category 4 is a very prestigious ranked group, reserved only for the true elite.  This explains why it has a relatively thinner column compared to other categories.

Now notice that the line separating categories 2 and 3 is a dotted line.  This signifies a partially permeable membrane that allows more motion/transfer between the two categories.  In other words, there is (figuratively and literally) just a very fine line separating the two categories.  A better mood might just push a category 2 girl to category 3; while an unfortunate event that fouls your day may just caused some category 3 girls to suddenly drop a rung to category 2.  There is a looser definition for girls falling within these bands.

Crude and superficial?  Let's get real for a moment.  Men are driven by two heads.  One lies on his neck, the other, somewhere below his waistline.  It would be plain stupid to ignore this fact.  Application of this has propelled this index as a scientifically-backed theorem.  It would be ironically, superficial, to not take into account, factors that are deemed to be superficial.  As long as you have emotions, then one will be subjected to favouritism, and therefore affected by physical outlook as well.  Why do you think young kids fight with each other to get hold of the certain color of toy?  Furthermore, I have never said to established anything compelling just based on TRI.

Discerning readers would have noticed that the title of this entry suggested a "Hotness Ladder".  The Hotness Ladder, is the complete way to assess a female.  The TRI only effectively rank a girl's physical attributes.  There are two aspects to determine if a girl is "hot"-physical and personality.  The physical aspect can, and should be, effectively concluded by the TRI; while the personality aspect, would be covered in another entry.  In the meantime,

Shoot, score, smile.


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