Thursday, February 17, 2011

This channel or that?

I recall during my last semester break, there was two shows which I won’t mind spending my time re-watching (since I have nothing much to do) being aired at the same timing.  But hey, that’s not a problem, since I can always catch the one I choose to leave out later on the internet.

Of course, that is the issue.  Thanks to technological advances and globalization, we are now not just spoilt for choice…it has come to a point where sometimes, we do not have to make choices.

How is this bad?  Well, as with the case in point, I could had been contented and very happy watching just one show.  Sure, I would be a little dejected at missing out on the other.  Yet you see, it is this opportunity cost of another show, that will further raise the value of the show I would had chosen.

Now instead of enjoying just one selected option, I have to watched both.  I have become more demanding; instead of being able to bask in the joy of watching a show, I needed to watch both.  But am I truly happier after watching both?

No, definitely not.  Which is a little sad, because this little phenomenon is happening everywhere.  People are demanding more, but the satisfaction gained has not increased.  Global wealth have rose drastically over the last century, yet the happiness index level have not shown any significant improvement; ironically, there is a 30% increase in people suffering from depression.  Granted, compared to 100 years ago, people would actually dare to step up and admit they’re ailing from depression.  And of course, milder conditions (like having one of your chicken nuggets taken away by your classmate) would actually classify under the “depression”.

The point is, we’re now demanding more but not getting the same level of contentment.  Despite having more, we do not feel as accomplished as we should be.  What is wrong then?

Too often, we hanker after too many "accomplishments".  Minimalism is endangered.  Probably on brink of extinction.  Remember, you only need to seek what you want.  Also, you can only lose what you have got.  Be selective about what you want to capture, and then hold on to them tight.

Shoot, Score, Smile.

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