Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Get-psyched songs list

For those who are familiar with the educational TV (CBS) series How I Met Your Mother, Barney Stinson (one of the greatest men ever to grace the surface of Earth), you might recall he mentioned that "a bro is always psyched" and goes on to cite a "Get pysched song list". 

One thing for sure, Barney is right about being psyched.  Being psyched is important to the success (or failure) of your endeavor.  You must be excited about what you are doing.  This is the basic thing that will motivate you to give all that you have.  

Choosing a "get-psyched song" is pretty easy. First of all, you must like it; duh.  Secondly, there must be a line where you get to emphasize.  This is to allow you to focus.  You channel all your energy to express yourself at that moment.  Finally, the song must always sound better when played louder.  Generals did not play the zither to boost the morale of their troops; they had loud drums to bolster the fighting spirit. 

It is important to know that over time, some songs may lose the ability to psych you up.  This is perfectly normal; you just need to find other songs.  Below are several really good quality "get-psyched" songs for your disposal.

Song:  Bosson's One in a Million.
Reason for inclusion: Quite simply, "I like it when it's difficult, I like it when it's hard".

Song:  SNSD's Cabi.
Reason for inclusion: Watch the MV.

Song:  Any USMC's cadence songs, especially this.  Honorable mention includes this.
Reason for inclusion:  USMC...duh.

Song: Enrique Iglesias' I Like It.
Reason for inclusion:  Self-explanatory.  No, really, listen to it...if you haven't heard it yet.

Song:  Plenty of Eminem's songs, not restricted to, but strongly recommended would include Not Afraid, When I'm Gone and Stan.
Reason for inclusion:  If anything, Eminem is the only rapper who is classy.

Song:  Cee Lo Green's Fuck You
Reason for inclusion:  Good amount of expletives (don't go pussy on me here) to pump you up with a pretty fine MV storyline.

Song:  Bon Jovi's You Give Love a Bad Name.
Reason for inclusion:  Just watch the LIVE performance.  (It is also included in Barney's list.)

Song:  Taio Cruz's Dynamite.
Reason for inclusion:  Every time it reaches the part of "I put my hands up in the air sometimes...", I somehow recall one of Arnold Schwarzenegger's pose.  Said picture can be found here.

Song:  3 Doors Down's When I'm Gone.
Reason for inclusion:  A tribute to the US armed forces.  If we had that in Singapore, conscription wouldn't seem that bad.  Maybe.

Enjoy finding what works and psyching yourself.  A good psych beats a lengthy amount of sleep.  Trust me on this. 

Shoot, Score, Smile.

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Jesse Brooks said...

Thanks for the post. Not really a fan of eminem, but there are some others there that are good.