Saturday, April 30, 2011

The 3 rules for handphone etiquette

1.  Color.  Only acceptable colors are black and silver.  Casing included.

2.  It is perfectly fine to reply a text with one word, heck, even one letter.  

3.  Calls duration should not exceed a minute, or at most, two.  Calls should be made with the sole purpose to communicate information, not emotions.  The handphone, also known as the mobile phone, is not for idle farts chit-chat.  Or at least, not in public.

Shoot, score, smile. 

Saturday, April 16, 2011

I believe in the existence of vampires

Since the last post mentioned about vampires, allow me to convince you that vampires may exist.

Think about it, if Man could evolve over time to better adapt to their environment and circumstances, why couldn't supernatural creatures, especially one like the vampires (they do still possess a human brain after all).  It is, in fact, very viable that a small population of vampires exist.
Vampires are violent creatures and would likely fight amongst themselves.  Also, if the group gets too large, human detection would be inevitable.  How can these vampires then stay alive without raising alarm?  We need to lay down some ground assumptions that I have:
1.  Like humans, they adapt.
2.  Vampires learn to control.
3.  Blood is not necessary in large quantities.  You don't need to eat a cow every day to stay alive.  Neither do they need to drink galleons of blood.  

It is definitely sustainable for the small population of vampires to survive.  Take out the crap you read from Twilight; vampires don't have sex and re-produce.  These X number of vampires can get the amount of blood they require via the following ways:
1.  Stealing blood from blood banks, hospitals and morgues.  Vampires are said to have breakneck speed, so what can stop them? 
2.  Human blood with "mysterious disappearances".
3.  Hunting wildlife.  More and more people are becoming vegetarian, by choice.  So can vampires.

All these, is based on the assumption, that vampires did truly existed.

Shoot, score, smile.

Monday, April 4, 2011

The Heart factor and the wisdom of Damon Salvatore.

"There's no such thing as a bad idea! Just poorly executed awesome ones."

While obviously Damon was just being the confident vampire he always was in the show (and for the record, he is the most alpha person in the show), much wisdom lies in this statement. 

Smart readers would be able to guess that to this date, I have one real nagging regret. 

Last July, I met a girl.  A very special girl.  I thought I had time, and wanted to take it slow.  One month later, I got the shock of my life when I realized that wasn't the case.  Then I devised a grand plan (which would eventually be the formulation for the Laws of 22.  Unfortunately, a few things did not go as expected, and I left out the final and undoubtedly, the most crucial part of the scheme.  And that, would be the very last time I would see her. 

You see, I kept trying to create, or rather, await a perfect setting. I wanted it to be audacious yet low-key.  Simple yet with a flair of grandeur.  Outlandish yet sincere.  And when I didn't get these effects, I didn't press on with the plan. 

But they don't exist.  Sometimes, the conditions for whatever you planned for just doesn't materialize.  Be decisive and plow through it.  The NBA Finals 2010 was played against the two greatest teams-the Lakers and the Celtics.  The former chose to employ a man-to-man defense system while the latter played a zone marking.  The series ended only after 7 games and every game was close (exception Game 6).  Apparently, the system used didn't mattered; the desire of the players were far more a larger factor.

And that, my dear readers, is what I wish to emphasize.  You can make the most intricate plans and preparations, but when the going gets tough and things don't measure up, it is about having the heart to rough it out.

Something I wish I learnt earlier.

Shoot, score, smile.