Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The Mee Rebus Anecdote and Volcano Mindset Function-Why girls become hotter when they are attached.

I remember years ago when I was still in high school; there was a cold rainy Monday morning.  The day started off with an hour lecture, and needlessly to say, by the time it was over, I was cold, cold and cold.  Now I know this sounds like a faggotry, but at that point in time, all I wanted was some warm food.  So I proceed to the canteen; when I saw a friend of mine, eating a plate of mee rebus.

And that there and then, I suddenly felt a craving for mee rebus.

This is the Mee Rebus Anecdote, and this facilitates a very important phenomenon-we always want something that others have.

This has been true since ancient times and applies for Man young and old.  Do you remember the times when you fought with your cousins for the same toy?  Was the toy really that awesome?  Or did you just want it because he had it?  What was so appealing about conquests?  Ok, granted, it is darn cool to lead an army and kick ass, but it was also the fact that you’re taking away something from others, that drove Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte and many more great conquerors to endure harsh conditions and capture acres and acres of land.

And gentlemen, this is one of the two reasons why girls who are attached, are hotter than when they are not.

Before we delve into the second reason, it is important to be aware how the human mind works.  The human mind works in a similar way as a volcano.  Yes, you heard that right, a volcano.  The human mind has three states: active, dormant and sub-conscious(not extinct). In the active state, one is aware of his thoughts.  For instance, you would be mugging your ass off to pass your exams.  The dormant state can be likened to a cooling off period.  In this state, a previous activity/thinking/philosophy is put on hold.  However, it has been displayed before, and can be displayed again.  The final state, the sub-conscious state, is something that one has never displayed before, but it resides within.  It is manipulative from within, and rarely rears its head externally.  This concept is otherwise known as the Volcano Mindset Function.

We can now explore the second reason; work of the mind.

When we see a girl walking with a guy, she automatically gains additional points.  From the perspective of the “active state”, there is no difference.  Likewise for the dormant state.  However, our sub-concious state goes into overdrive.  When we see an unattached girl, the mind enjoys an initial perk-the spark of chance.  However, this is quickly dissolved by the thought of why is she single and difficulties(if you’re a pussy, and let’s face it, at some point, we all have had been a wuss).  The former is a very dangerous pitfall.  When we see a single girl, our sub-conscious mind will work overtime to ponder why is she single.  On the antithesis, when we see an attached girl, our sub-conscious starts feeding us on thoughts of how the girl is wife-material, dutiful and other signs of compatibility.  This will, of course, bring her up a few rungs on the “hotness ladder”.

Note that the above information does not contradict the oneitis syndrome mentioned in my previous blog post.  The oneitis syndrome is prompted not be the sense, but rather, by a mixture of clouded judgement and feelings.

Does this means that attached girls are automatically hotter than the single ladies?  Well, no.  The Mee Rebus Anecdote and Volcano Mindset Function only serve to explain why a girl becomes hotter than their previous self when they are attached.  So brethren, go ahead and use the pick-up line of “we would be a perfect 10 together”.

*Common folklore of girls looking hotter when they’re in love because love makes them more radiant is not utter bullshit, but it is, by no mean, a huge factor.  The real underlying stimulus is the grind of the sub-conscious mind.

Shoot, score, smile.

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